How to Create a Cleaning Schedule for Flatmates

Published: April 7, 2024
How to Create a Cleaning Schedule for Flatmates

Coming home from a long day at work only to discover that the kitchen has been turned upside down for the third day in a row is the worst possible scenario. Bring up a roommate cleaning schedule in your next house meeting before you give up. Making a roommate chore list and assigning specific responsibilities can encourage everyone to take greater ownership of their mess.

You may get along better and maintain the cleanliness of the flat by demonstrating how you can cooperate rather than just exchanging passive-aggressive feelings. When it comes to getting along with your roommate, communication is key.

Use these guidelines to create a roommate chore chart and maintain a clean home.

Match up cleaning habits

Whether you met your roommate through a buddy, an app, or Facebook, you had little time to get to know them before deciding if they were a good fit. During the interview, compatibility must be verified.

How to create a schedule for cleaning

What does “clean” imply specifically to you and your roommate? Decide how frequently the roommate should complete the tasks — daily, weekly, or monthly — and how in-depth they should be. Should someone wipe down all bathroom surfaces or clean the shower’s grout, for instance? Does mopping factor in, or is it just sweeping? It’s crucial for all roommates to agree on what “clean” means.
Give each individual a zone (the kitchen, the bathroom, and the living area), along with what they can do together (outdoor space). Make guidelines now about leaving personal belongings in shared areas; for example, don’t leave your laptop or soiled socks in the living room. Your bedroom is where you should keep your personal items.

Creating a chore chart for roommates

Like in the good old days of childhood, this roommate chore schedule doesn’t come with an allowance, but the reward is a tidy house and good karma with your roommate. We refer to that as a win-win. Here is a starting point.

Together, create a list of tasks.

Select a Saturday morning, prepare breakfast with your companion, and spend a few hours exploring the apartment. Make a list of the cleaning jobs you want completed for each room.Write down tasks for your chore list, such as sweeping the floor, buying cleaning supplies, wiping down the counters, putting out the trash, and loading the dishwasher in the kitchen. Do the same for each shared space after that.
Since bedrooms are private locations, you can omit them from the list of chores. According to shared interests and usage, list every item for each room and distribute chores among roommates fairly. These daily, weekly, and monthly chores are often quick and simple to finish.

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