What to look for in a new RoomMate

Published: March 27, 2024
What to look for in a new RoomMate

Sharing your living space with someone is a huge commitment so you should take time to consider the type of roommate which would best suit your circumstances.

Here are some key considerations what to look:

The Basics – Consider the age/sex profile of your potential flatmate. Do you have a preference for a particular age range or gender?

Habits – Are you happy to accept a flatmate that smokes/alcoholic? If you are then decide where smoking is allowed (only outside for example). Do you have any dietary restrictions or allergies? If you are a vegetarian are you happy to share with a non-vegetarian? Bear in mind you will be sharing kitchen cabinet, refrigerator and oven space.

Lifestyle – Think about your normal lifestyle- are you a night owl or early bird? Do you work from home and need silence? Make sure that your future flat mate shares similar hours or won’t disturb you during the times you require peace and quiet. Does the potential flatmate have a significant other, and if so, how often would they be at the flat? Agree guidelines about behaviour and frequency of visits.

Shared Interests – Are you looking for someone who shares an interest or hobby? An ideal flat should be someone who’s company and presence is enjoyable- having shared interests or hobbies can help with this. Chosen correctly a flatmate can be a great addition to a your house both socially and economically. Just be sure to keep the above in mind when looking for a new flatmate.

Hygiene standards – What are your hygiene standards? do you mind leaving the washing up till the morning or do you like to get it out the way straightaway? Finding a flatmate who shares similar values to yourself will save alot of grief later down the line.

About FlatMate

FlatMate.in is a first app that helps you to search shared room/apartments based on common liking & interests and not just based on usual factors like location and price range. In other words, we focus on the relationship between potential roommates. A study shows if you share apartment with compatible roommate than chances are higher that you would stay longer with each other and will become friend for life.

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