Why is Coliving better than PG?

Published: March 1, 2024
Why is Coliving better than PG?

When it comes to discussing modern housing trends, two vibrant concepts: CoLiving and Paying Guest (PG) accommodations often make headlines. This article explores why is Coliving better than PG.

From the Tenant’s Eye: An Introduction to Coliving and PG

First, let’s unwrap these concepts a bit. A Paying Guest accommodation traditionally has been a popular choice for outstation students or working professionals. It means sharing a room with others and following house rules set by the owner, usually in exchange for a furnished room and meals.

Meanwhile, Coliving spaces offer more than just a place to sleep and eat. They’re shared accommodations that promote a sense of community, independence and frictionless living with shared amenities designed for modern-day urban dwellers. These match traditional PG offerings but add elements that transcend the limitations of PG living.

In the ensuing sections, we elucidate why Coliving is desirable and a preferable choice over PG.

The Lifestyle Lift: Amenities in Coliving Spaces

Coliving goes beyond the basic necessities and enriches the tenant’s lifestyle. Residents enjoy not only comfortable and furnished accommodations but also a host of shared amenities that make life more enjoyable, efficient, and even healthier.

Flexibility and Freedom

Unlike PG accommodations which often have stringent rules, Coliving provides greater flexibility and freedom. Be it late-night entries, guests, or arbitrary dress codes, Coliving simply doesn’t tether you down with unnecessary restrictions.

Shared Spaces Yield Shared Experiences

With common gaming areas, yoga studios, and shared kitchens, Coliving venues foster a space not just for living, but for thriving. Contrary to the cacophony of PG’s shared rooms, these shared spaces ensure mental tranquility and space for personal growth.

The Internet, Not Just Connectivity, but a Necessity

No longer an add-on, Wi-Fi has morphed into a ‘must-have’ in today’s digital world. Many Coliving spaces offer high-speed internet as a standard part of the package, which might be an expensive addition or absent in a PG setting.

The Finance Mode: Coliving and Pocket-Friendliness

Affordability is also one reason Coliving trumps PG. Let’s get into why Coliving might be the best choice for your wallet too.

No Hidden Costs

“If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t”

PG accommodations appear cheaper at first glance. But they often come with hidden charges such as maintenance fees, high-security deposits, or additional charges for water and electricity. On the contrary, Coliving is upfront with expenses, including all costs in one bill.

Variable Lease Terms

Coliving spaces generally offer short-term and long-term lease options, which come without the burden of lease break penalties often linked with PG accommodations.

Rethinking Community: How Coliving Promotes Connections

Aside from the tangible benefits, the allure of Coliving is also rooted in intangibles – the sense of belonging, friendship, and a built-in community.

Coming Together

Coliving bridges the gap between residents by organizing interactive events and activities. This is a refreshing change from the isolation one might feel while staying as a PG.

Personal Growth, Community Growth

In the vibrant atmospheres of Coliving spaces, independent individuals unite, share experiences, learn, and grow. This community-centric approach acts as a catalyst for personal development, something often missing from the PG equation.

In Sum

Coliving, winning hearts and gaining favorability over the conventional PG model, isn’t an accidental phenomenon. It’s a well-articulated response to changing societal desires and urban living challenges. With greater freedom, financial flexibility, lifestyle perks, and an inherent sense of community, Coliving has crafted a unique blueprint for urban living, far surpassing the confines of traditional PG accommodations.

Do you agree that it’s time to turn a new page towards Coliving and bid adieu to traditional PG living? If so, share your thoughts or share this post with those venturing on their own housing journey.

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