10 Best Residential Areas & Places to Live in Delhi

Published: April 4, 2024
10 Best Residential Areas & Places to Live in Delhi

India’s capital, Delhi, has some of the nicest areas and a convenient way of life. Many people consider relocating permanently to Delhi because of the city’s many job opportunities and top-notch educational system. But choosing a place to live in Delhi may seem a little confusing initially. It is suggested that you read the following post before moving to Delhi.

Mayur Vihar

One of Delhi’s best residential areas is Mayur Vihar, which is found in East Delhi. Peacocks have lived at Mayur Vihar, as the name suggests. People from various walks of life, such as those with high and low incomes, live here. Many government workers reside in the area, and the city still maintains a closed sanctuary for peacock conservation.

Vasant Kunj

In the NCR of Delhi, Vasant Kunj is a famous area with a mix of office and residential buildings. The area is close to TERI University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, and IIMC (Indian Institute of Mass Communication). Vasant Kunj’s citizens now have more employment options as a result of the several businesses that have established themselves nearby.

Udyog Vihar

The city’s industrial district is Udyog Vihar, which is in Gurgaon. It is considered as the centre of the IT sector and is near to Cyber City, which is home to a number of Fortune 500 companies. The area is one of the most popular and best areas for professionals to live in Delhi and is home to many people who work for IT companies.

Shanti Niketan

Elite Delhi industrialists have high regard for this posh residential street. Although this location is suitable for high-class individuals, the lifestyle and upscale amenities are rather convincing. This area is now preferred by everyone due to its illustrious schools, upscale malls, and productive businesses.


An upscale neighbourhood in South Delhi is called Saket. It is definitely among the nicest areas in Delhi to live if you’re relocating there. It is primarily a residential area and quite well built. The city boasts numerous lovely parks and is heavily forested. Saket is home to many eateries, a vibrant nightlife, and some of the biggest malls in the nation. There are many of bus routes and other transportation options in this area.

Hauz Khas

Another neighbourhood in South Delhi called Hauz Khas is well-known for the storied Hauz Khas Complex. With so many bars, lounges, and restaurants around, it is also regarded as one of Delhi’s trendiest areas. Along with other well-known institutions, it is home to the renowned IIT Delhi. Hauz Khas should therefore be your first choice if you want to have a fun evening with your buddies.

Anand Lok

Another well-known area with a posh lifestyle is Anand Lok. This location is in a distinctive area, close to Siri Sports Complex and DU College. The reputation of that particular location has grown thanks to the luxurious life, shopping, and transportation options.

Sunder Nagar

Near the Delhi Zoological Park, on Mathura Road, is Sunder Nagar. Numerous art galleries may be found in Sunder Nagar. Here, you can see effective handicraft stores. Sunder Nagar’s market draws aesthetic people with its lucky charm and stylish artistic products.

Model Town

Public transportation makes it simple to get to this residential area. The area has a lake called Naini Lake, where you can find all kinds of basic facilities. If you move your household here in Delhi, you would be extremely happy.

Golf Links

Located in the center of New Delhi lies Golf Links. The famous Khan Market and the Golf Course are both close by to this location. The Supreme Court, High Court, and other government buildings are nearby. Despite being one of the most expensive places to reside in the nation, it is regarded as one of Delhi’s safest areas.

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