Things to Consider While Looking For a PG in Delhi/NCR

Published: March 20, 2024
Things to Consider While Looking For a PG in DelhiNCR

Finding Place for Living is a big concern for students and Young Professionals who are moving to Delhi/NCR for better educational and career opportunities. It is worrisome concern for the parents whose children are moving out for the first time PG. PG’s are best suited for students who are in a city for a fixed and short duration or for working professionals who are posted to a place on a temporary basis or on short projects.

In order to start finding and finalizing a PG one must plan carefully and look into several aspects which will make the stay in PG a comfortable stay. Here are some aspects one needs to keep in mind while start searching for PGs.

Locality of the PG

The PG must be located in a safe and secured residential area where basic amenities like hospitals, shops and transportation are available within a walking distance. The odd office timings or tuition hours should not be a concern while returning to the PG safely. Hence, it is advisable to check the locality.

Facilities and Amenities

The basic amenities or service provided by the PG should be discussed before renting. Always speak to the landlord or the broker about the basic amenities provided at the PG along with the terms and condition of the stay. Also, whether rent and water bills are included in the rent or needs to be paid separately should be clear.

Connectivity and Transportation

The location you choose for your PG accommodation should not be too far from your college or work place. This helps you to avoid the traveling time.

Hygiene Factors

A very common instinct in girls and boys is being finicky about the cleanliness and hygiene of the washroom. Personally visit the PG check the cleanliness of the Space.

Clarity on Rent and Security Deposit

The PG owners try to take advantage of the growing demand of PGs by over accommodating and unjustifiable rents. So always have clarity on the rent and its due date and have an understanding of the security deposit and notice period. Also check whether breakfast, lunch and dinners are part of Rent or Not.

Hopefully above aspects will benefit you in your PG accommodation search.

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